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The Stranger Test

In Directing, Eric on January 26, 2009 at 1:49 am


We have shot one scene and test shot another (best plan ever ps). As I see it, we could now schedule all the shoots and go to them with a smile and shot the rest of the film, but how do we ensure that we make a film that other people want to see? Sure we like what we are doing. We cold make a decently bad movie with some funny scenes and people would crowd an auditorium next semester and laugh at our jokes, but would they like the movie? More importantly would the film pass the “stanger test?”

The stranger test, in my book, is when someone comepletely unrealted to anything with the movie watches the film. If the stranger likes the movie then you made a decent flick. If they didn’t then you made something not so decent. Simple enough. Everytime we go to movies we perform the stranger test…unless you’re connected to the industry somehow. Point is a decent movie has to be captivating when you don’t know the inside jokes and you don’t know how long it took to get the perfect jib shot. Right now I fear our film would not pass the stranger test…

Then again. Who cares if we pass the stranger test. I’m just doing this project to learn how to do it. Most people have similar reasons. If we complete the film and my friends like it then what more is there to ask for? We don’t have any money to spend on the project so we don’t have to worry about paying people back. In fact this is probably one of the only times in my life when I could safely make a flop and not have to worry about paying the heating bill. I anything I should embrace making a flop. There’s just one problem.

If anyone knows me, they know. I don’t do flops. I don’t plan of failing, and if I do then i wil figure out a way to make it a success. Sure we’re just students with no money to make this film, but we have a terrific and talented cast, a great and willing crew, a strong and creative executive team, and a very witty writer. We have all the components to make a success, but like they say in LA LA Land, “Nobody sets out to make a bad movie.”

Our film will pass the stranger test. Like the men’s warehous guy says, “I garuntee it.”



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