Morgan Taylor's Suicide

It’s Been A While

In Uncategorized on March 20, 2009 at 11:16 pm

It’s been a while since we have posted and I just wanted to fill everyone in on any new revelations I have had.

First: We have completed filming 99% of the interior scenes in the film which leaves us will a little less than half the film left to shoot. So here’s hoping!

Second: I have pitched the film to a few older generation people and the overwheliming response is “CRINGE!” I think it’s the word suicide. In one pitch I told the whole plot minus the suicide bit and the person loved it. So I think it’s about time our PR started going a new direction with the film. From here on out the movie will simply be called MORGAN TAYLOR. Yes there is the potential for a suicide in the film, but it is much more about the beauty of life and our connections to others. I hope this comes across.

Third: I’m heading back to Mouthwash for a second. Many people think that we were on the front lines of the digital revolution because we came up with the idea to put short 10 minute episodes online before many of the big studios were doing this. Yes other shows came before us, but we were among some of the first to call ourselves webisodes without attaching ourselves to the old distribution model (i.e. companion webisodes for primetime shows or shows like Quaterlife that ended up on TV). However this was purely accidental. We just wanted to make a show that was easily watchable online since that is where we watch most things. So…It seems it is in our nature to create content for the next generation of media distribution. I guess that is it. Maybe you will see another web series from us someday, but while the studios learn how to appeal to the web, I’m going to work on learning how to fill a theatre.

That is all.


  1. Morgan Taylor is a perfectly fine name for the film. Why create too much resistance before the beginning?
    Yeah, fill the theater!

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